More Shameless Self Promotion

Hi guys! It’s been almost two weeks since I last posted here, so I thought I’d check in and let everyone know I’m still alive. The third and final entry on the interesting films of 2011 is still coming, but right now I’m tackling the most difficult issues on the second draft of my feature from last year, and that’s taking pretty much all my time. But as soon as I’m done (or when I need a good break), I’ll get that blog post up and running.

In the meantime, I have some other exciting news: I made business cards for my reel editing and script coverage services! Check them out:

Got 1,000 of both designs for only $20 each! Thanks Printfirm! I’m going to post them all over town, so if you see them, you’ll know it’s me.

I also completed work for my first client obtained through marketing and advertising. Not my first client, but the first one obtained by advertising my services. A very exciting milestone, especially since I received this testimonial afterwards:

“I contacted Gabriel sight unseen, and I’m so happy that I did. His work on my script was paramount. He gave me an incredibly thorough and thoughtful critique, in the best sense of the word. He helped point out my issues, and offered various solutions to them, never once pushing his own agenda. He is the best support you can have while screenwriting, and I intend to use his services again.” – F. Stoll, Screenwriter/Director, ‘Absolute Beginnings’

Thanks Francisco! An exciting start for my services, if I say so myself. And with a couple more currently in the works, things are starting strong!


A Moment of Surrealism

Yes I know “surrealism”, that dirty world that pertains to Salvador Dali and art films. Well don’t worry, this surrealism isn’t about filmmaking, it’s about me! This blog contains plenty of film talk and not very much talk about myself, so hopefully this’ll be a nice change of pace. If not, don’t worry, my next post will go back to filmmaking: the third and final entry on my selection of the interesting movies of 2011 (this one on Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy). So you’ll get your movie fix soon!

Okay, here goes. For anyone who doesn’t know, I started filmmaking later than most, not making my first short film until I was 22 years old. Sure I screwed around with my friends and a camera, as well as watched a ton of movies, but I didn’t seriously get into filmmaking until my early 20s. This is because previous to my film career, I was… an engineer.

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Sports Films and the Art of Structure

Hi guys, and welcome to part 2 of my discussion of the interesting films of 2011. Since my first topic was on chickflicks, lets do a 180 and look a manly subject: sports.

Last year had a couple interesting sports movies. Most notable was Moneyball, the character study of a baseball manager trying to succeed by ignoring 100 years of conventional wisdom. The other notable film was Warrior, a UFC film about two amateur fighters, brothers from a troubled family, that meet in the championship of a big tournament.

First things first, since we’re dealing with sports, to know whether they succeed we must ask: do the films transcend the sport? Great sports movies are never about the sport; they are about something larger. Raging Bull isn’t about boxing, it’s about self-hatred and paranoia leading to destruction; Field of Dreams isn’t about baseball, it’s about having the courage to follow your dreams; Hoosiers isn’t about basketball, it’s about second chances and working for redemption.

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