Most Anticipated Films: May

Following up on my most anticipated movies of 2012, here are my most anticipated movies for the month of May!

But first, a short rundown of April’s screenings:

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The Term Oldboy

It just dawned on me that not everyone knows where the name Oldboy Productions came from. Well, in addition to the fun an interesting juxtaposition of ‘old’ and ‘boy’ (I definitely plan to still be a boy when I am old), it is actually a Korean film from 2003. You should check it out, one because it is amazing, and two, Hollywood is doing a remake, like they are doing with all the great modern foreign films.

Okay, back to writing. See you all soon!

Advice to Actors (and everyone else too!)

Jenna Fischer (from The Office) just posted this amazing blog, which I discovered from an actor I worked with a couple years ago. Just replace the word “acting” with “writing” or “directing” or anything else in this industry. Very real, very inspiring stuff!


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The Dreaded Art Film

After attending a seminar that declared Kelly Reichardt the best filmmaker in the current independent scene, I decided to give her a whirl. Over a one week period, I watched her three most recent films (Old Joy, Wendy and Lucy, Meek’s Cutoff), as well as her commentary on Old Joy. And yesterday, I did a breakdown of that film. Her work is daring, inspiring, and unique; she is definitely one of if not the best independent filmmaker working today.

One thing I find  interesting about her films is the vast divide between its critical and mainstream reactions. All three of her films have received “universal acclaim” at Metacritic, while over on IMDb, her films are barely average, with Wendy and Lucy slightly higher and the other two slightly lower. What gives?

The answer is simple: Reichardt makes art films. And mainstream audiences don’t like art films.

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Oldboy Productions Fanpage

Oldboy Productions now has a Facebook fanpage. Check it out! Like it!

Most Anticipated Films: 2012

The Dark Knight Rises! The Hobbit! Prometheus! The Avengers! The Hunger Games! Skyfall! Twilight!

2012 is looking to be a great year for movies, for franchise fare at least. But there are other movies to get excited about this year, lots of under the radar films. Actually, there are so many that only one film from the intro-to-this-blog list is even in my top six most anticipated movies of the year (pictured above, listed below). So I thought I’d share all the awesome movies coming out this year; hopefully, you’ll discover something you might not have know about!

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