Most Anticipated Films: June

Here it is, my most anticipated movies for the month of June. I also am continually updating my most anticipated movies of 2012, so be sure to check that out as well.

But first, here is what I saw in May:

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20 Things You Love To Do (and the last time you did them)

Thank you Jenna Fischer, for recommending The Artist’s Way. As much as I don’t like the artist label (I prefer storyteller, artist has so many connotations I don’t believe apply to me), this book is fantastic, filled with powerful and effective ways to reach inside, find what’s there, and, most importantly, use it to get creative and create!

I thought I’d share my latest exercise here and I have a couple reasons why. One, those who read it (ie you) will learn a little more about me, maybe something you didn’t know, maybe something you did. Two, posting this information online will be all the more powerful in motivating me to correct certain things, as several of my upcoming projects relate to the points below. And three, it’s just fun and interesting. At least I think so. You should try it and see for yourself. You can even post it as a response to this blog! Then we’ll be in on the action together.

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Ken Burns: On Story

Another gem a fellow filmmaker introduced me to. It’s shorter, but it definitely belongs with those best TED talks about film. There isn’t anyone who automatically makes a film good just by being involved, but if there was, it’d be this guy. This guy and Stanley Kubrick. And PT Anderson. Okay, enough, here’s the video:

Why I Go To The Movies

Hi all! Here’s another blog post, my first one from my new WordPress blog! I’m not posting as much since I am writing again (I am currently working on three projects, the third draft of one feature, the first draft of another and a short too!). But even so, I am still going to get at least one blog in per month (that’s in addition to my monthly most anticipated films series), just to keep this place fresh and up to date. So enjoy!

For this post, I’d like to discuss the reasons I go to the movies, in the theaters I mean. Actually, there’s just one reason, which I can sum up with what I consider to be the best movie going experience I’ve ever had.

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Welcome! (and a status update)

Hello all! And welcome to my new blog! If you’re coming over from my old blog, it’s good to have you on board! And if you’re new to this party, well then welcome, welcome, welcome! Drop me a line and I hope you find some interesting, exciting stuff here.

I have transferred all the content from my old blog to this new one. It was a pretty arduous task, since my old blog did not have an export feature (one of the many reasons why I switched), so I had to do it manually. I transferred all the comments too, and that is why all the comments made before May 11 appear to be made by me. Just an FYI, because I just transferred them; they were posted by other people!

For those who’ve been wondering why I haven’t been posting too often lately, here’s a little update to throw at you. After having a readthrough with actors and fellow writers, I have completed the fourth draft of Searching for Maude! I think the script is pretty good to go now and so it is time to put it out there! Should result in some exciting experiences!

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