Most Anticipated Films: July

The new month is upon us and so it’s time for another of my most anticipated movies!

I didn’t see much in June because I’m shooting my own film on the 29th, so this month has been dedicated to preproduction, not film watching. But I did see a couple films, and here they are:

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The End of an Era (and what is to come!)

1965. The hills come alive as The Sound of Music destroys the box office, on its way to a $1,127,929,800 domestic gross (adjusted), good for third on the all time chart. This film’s massive success strengthened the resolve of the studios; audiences wanted classic Hollywood. Conservative social values, high production values, musicals, that’s what audiences were looking for.

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Tweet Tweet

I am officially on Twitter! It is kind of a strange place, but exciting too! You should follow me!!/GabrielBruskoff

Buried Dreams: An Exercise

I’m still reading The Artist’s Way and even though my last post didn’t get a lot of response, I’m going to post another one. Mainly because I enjoying doing so! And they help, so if you want to, feel free to get in on the action!

1) List five hobbies that sound fun (note that filmmaking is NOT a hobby, not for me anyway)

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The New

Oldboy Productions has a new webpage! Check it out! And a big thank you to Hovsep Agop for designing it. If anyone needs a website, go to him. He’s awesome!