Most Anticipated Movies: August

It’s a couple days early, but being as I’m stuck at my girlfriend’s place with nothing to do (two wheels were stolen off my car while parked at crew parking for the production I’m currently on. So until the producers get it fixed, I don’t have a car.) Also, I’m working on a feature this month (hence the lack of blog posts) and today is my day off, so it’s the perfect time to post my most anticipated movies for the month of August!

Of course, first up is a quick review of the movies I saw in July:

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My pre-blog movie blog, rediscovered!

One of the amazing things about the internet is that everything written stays on the internet. Some of it forever. Case in point, I just rediscovered this blog I wrote for a month back in 2008. I think I’m a much better blogger now than I was then… Anyways, enjoy!

Movies and Music and Technology and Creativity

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a music aficionado. I know lots about movies, but when it comes to music, well lets just say my knowledge is lacking. I had never heard of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers until they played the 2008 Super Bowl (to be fair, I had heard their music, I just didn’t realize they all came from the same band!), only last year did I discover that Bob Marley was dead, and just yesterday, with Barry Manilow playing at the Hollywood Bowl, did I realize that I had been confusing him and Barry White my whole life.

Despite this, I have one musical entry in this blog, and it is actually one of the posts I’ve received the most positive feedback from. So, in light of that, and because there’s another topic I want to discuss, here’s my second post on music!

NOTE: Even though I am posting on music, I will of course relate it back to film. That is what I do!

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