Most Anticipated Movies – September

I can’t believe it is already September. Where has the year gone? And with another month comes another most anticipated movies post! Here goes:

I didn’t go to the movie theaters in August, so there’s not much to report on what I saw. Although I have a late call today, so I might check out Beasts of the Southern Wild again.  And Lawless is still piquing my interest. I also continue to rent movies (something I don’t talk much about on this blog since it would be overwhelming, see here), including the first two from my blind spot series. So that was exciting!

Now, onto September:

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My Geek Side Coming Out

I saw the above picture the other day and I was inspired. It’s Earth, Jupiter, and Venus, as seen from Mars. This photo immediately reminded me of what are, in my opinion, the three (now four) greatest photos of Earth ever taken. They are:

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TDKR and (dis)respecting your subject matter


Alright, production on the feature I was on is over, so, as promised, lets talk The Dark Knight Rises.

I did not like the film. At all. I may be in the minority (the film has an 8.9 over on IMDb and a 78 metascore), but, and this isn’t coming from a Batman hater, I loved Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, I truly thought The Dark Knight Rises was a bad film. To get specific, I didn’t like the film for one simple reason: it did not respect it’s subject matter.

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