My Geek Side Coming Out

I saw the above picture the other day and I was inspired. It’s Earth, Jupiter, and Venus, as seen from Mars. This photo immediately reminded me of what are, in my opinion, the three (now four) greatest photos of Earth ever taken. They are:

The Blue Marble (taken by the crew of Apollo 17 28,000 miles from Earth):

Earthrise (taken by the crew of Apollo 8 as they circled the moon. A simulation of the entire Earthrise as viewed by the astronauts can be seen here):

Pale Blue Dot: (taken by Voyager One 3,700,000,000 miles from Earth, ie the edge of our solar system):

In that last photo, Earth is the little dot sitting half way down the picture, right hand side, on that conveniently placed beam of light.

Of course, even these last photographs pale in comparison to that which is out there. But that blue marble, that small planet rising through the shadows, the one of three glowing dots in the Martian sky, and the speck of dust in the cosmos is our home, where every single human event has ever occurred.

Or for our own location in the Universe:

And our own relative size:

Bringing this all back to film (this is a film blog after all), I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: science fiction is back. As I’ve perceived it, this interest created by Curiosity far outweighs the interest created by Phoenix or Opportunity (did you know that eight years later Opportunity is still in operation!) or even the International Space Station. Also, if you haven’t already done so, check out this video released by NASA and note not just how cool the video is, but also how cool the people in the video are (the editing, directing, and camera work are also spectacular, although the Inception-inspired music is a little over the top in my book):

I myself am pumped for all this space exploration and the science fiction movement to come. My two most anticipated movies of the year are both science fiction and according to this list, 8 of the 30 most anticipated movies of 2013 are science fiction, compared to only 4 superhero/comic book movies (and they didn’t even count Catching Fire or Ender’s Game). Even in the low budget range, we’re getting killer films like Monsters (made with a crew of only five), Moon (employing old-school models, not CGI), and they’re even releasing ultra low budget found footage science-fiction: Chronicle, Apollo 18, Oren Peli’s upcoming Area 51 and JJ Abrams upcoming The God Particle (this last one was inspired by the 2012 Higgs Bosom confirmation of formal discovery at the Large Hadron Collider, another recent scientific triumph). As I consider what books to bring on my upcoming England trip, I am pulled towards the works of Bradbury, Clarke, and HG Wells. And I cannot wait for the Endeavor Space Shuttle to come to the California Science Center. My geek side is definitely coming out; science/science-fiction is back!


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3 Responses to My Geek Side Coming Out

  1. Kasper says:

    I would love to attend the transport of Endeavor in October…I think it will be stopping in Inglewood for a little celebration before nestling into it’s new home a while….Let’s go!

  2. Vince says:

    Good post. Love that video. Every update from Curiosity is so exciting.

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