Most Anticipated Films: October

Yes, September isn’t over yet, but I’m leaving for England tomorrow, so I got to do a quick most anticipated films post for October before I go!

But first, what I saw in September:

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My Most Memorable Movie Moments

Every year, as many others do, I list my top ten favorite movies. I like to make a game out of it, listing a quote from the movie, then you guess which movie it is. But I’ve started thinking, why limit myself to the best films of the year? What about the best individual moments, you know, those little pieces that stick with you long after the film is gone? I started thinking this back in 2011, when I clearly remember the highest point in cinema that year, this little, beautiful, subtle moment, often forgotten, but not by me.

So here goes, starting out a new annual series to go with my top ten favorite movies, my most memorable movie moments, by year, going back to 2006. 2012 is not included because it is not over yet!

Note that by movie moments I mean specific moments. Not sequences or scenes or characters or actions or conversations, I’m talking smaller than that: an individual shot, a cut, a sound effect, an actor’s look, a line of dialog, a stunt/special effect, a lighting gag or camera move. Maybe I’ll go as big as a whole beat (see 2006’s entry below) but nothing bigger than that.

Okay, here goes. I give the moment, either a still if the moment was visual or a description of the sound if the moment was audible, you identify the film. If you can, you should also identify the specific moment in the film. Yay! Should be fun.

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What Genres Are In?

So I haven’t post here in a while, been too busy I guess, finishing up my latest short piece and crewing on some other stuff too. But that’s no excuse! Time for another blog post!

After this post and this one about the comeback of science fiction, I got to thinking about the other genres out there and where they stand right now. While I love science fiction, I don’t make sci-fi films, so it helps to know what else is in. I thought I’d do a little blog post to investigate. And even though this is my own investigation, I’m going to post it for all to see! Enjoy!

(by the way, the list of genres is courtesy of IMDb, so if I miss something, get mad that them, not me. Or simply request the missing genre and I’ll add it!)

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