Favorite Movies: 2012


As 2012 comes to a close, here comes my annual top ten favorite movies of the year.  There are a couple films I missed this year, including: Amour, Ted, This is 40, Lawless, Hitchcock, The Hobbit and probably some others. Any of these films may make it onto my top ten for 2012 when I see them on DVD, but for now, we can make the list without them.

Like all years, I list a quote, you guess the movie. No googling or imdbing; that’s cheating. Lastly, I’m listing twelve films this year instead of the usual ten. This is because two films were technically released at film festivals in 2011, but did not have their theatrical release until 2012. Extra points if you can identify them.

Without further ado, my top twelve of 2012:

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An Interview with Stanley Kubrick

My choice for greatest filmmaker of all time. He almost never gave interviews so this is truly a gem:


Most Anticipated Films of 2013, Part Four: Release Dates Not Set

12 years a slave before midnight movies_wolf_of_wall_street_1 only god forgives

amy-adams-jeremy-renner-christian-bale-bradley-cooper-american-bullshit,-david-o.russell-abscam morris rumsfeld

And finally, finishing my Most Anticipated Films of 2013 series, the films scheduled for 2013 release but without a specific weekend set.

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Most Anticipated Films of 2013, Part Three: Awards Season

night moves gravity worlds end

im so excited the-counselor-ridley-scott-cormac-mccarthy-slice

And now, part three of my Most Anticipated Films of 2013 series: the films scheduled for the 2013 Awards Season.

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Most Anticipated Films of 2013, Part Two: Summer


Continuing my Most Anticipated Movies of 2013 preview, here’s part two, covering the summer.

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Most Anticipated Films of 2013, Part One: Winter and Spring

56 up inside llewyn davis gangster squad

2012 is almost done and so it is time for my second annual most anticipated films of the year post!

Back in 2011, I mentioned that my top 10 list was a little artsy for my liking, but if you’ve followed my 2012 movie reviews, you know that 2012 wasn’t much better. I guess I’ve found that I prefer the indie, foreign, art scene to Hollywood filmmaking in its current form. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t some awesome mainstream fare to look forward to in 2013, because there is. In fact, despite the fact that I’m more reluctant to see big Hollywood fare, there is still an overwhelming amount of films to look forward to next year!

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Blind Spot Series: 2013

blind spot

As 2012 comes to an end and I prepare my top ten of the year, as well as my list of movies to see in 2013, I thought I’d revisit my old Blind Spot post, see how I’m doing. I’ve seen a lot of movies this year, and while I only write about the new releases, I watch lots of old films as well.

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