Most Anticipated Films: February

Continuing from my Most Anticipated Films of 2013, here are my Most Anticipated Films for February. But first, what I saw in January. Thanks to the Spirit Awards and the free screeners for Film Independent members, I saw a lot last month; here’s the breakdown:

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Spirit Awards


As a newly joined member of Film Independent (very worth it, join immediately!), I get to vote in the Spirit Awards! Here is my ballot!

Best Feature: Beasts of the Southern Wild, no question. I’ve already seen it four times, three in theaters. Indie or not, this is my favorite film of the year, and I’m pretty such it will be amongst my top films for the entire decade.

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Top 50 Indie Films to Watch For in 2013

Here’s a great list just posted by indiewire, the top 50 indie films to watch for in 2013. I used it to round out my Most Anticipated Films of 2013 and it’s even more exciting for another reason: for the first time, I am starting to see the potential for a new wave of¬†emerging filmmakers: Steve McQueen, Lee Daniels, Joe Swanberg, Jeff Nichols, Kelly Reichardt, Nicolas Winding Refn, Derek Cianfrance, Ben Wheatley, James Ponsoldt, Sarah Polley, Xavier Dolan, Anne Fontaine, Lynn Shelton, Laura Poitras, Shane Carruth, Jonathan Levine, and those are just the filmmakers releasing films this year. I am not nearly familiar enough with enough of these filmmakers, but I plan to change that!

Here’s the link:

2012 blogging: in review

My 2012 annual report, courtesy of the stat helper monkeys! (that’s what they call themselves, no insults coming from here!)

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,600 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

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Script Coverage and Reel Editing Services!

Lets start 2013 with a bang! Need help with your script? Need a demo reel?¬†Let me know! I’d love to help you out! Check out my script coverage and reel editing services to see if they can be of benefit to you. I’ve had lots of happy customers and am always looking for more! I would love to work with you!

coverage business card with border

Reel Flyer

Goals: 2013


2012 was a crazy year, that’s for sure. I suped up Searching for Maude, made it ready for sale/production, and wrote the second draft of my Untitled thriller (2012 goal #3); I shot two film exercises, quadrupled my script coverage clients (2012 goal #6), worked on lots of awesome films, and met lots of great filmmakers, many of whom I will work with in the future (2012 goal #5); I saw the sights in England (and visited Matt and Anmol and ran into Mikey too!), climbed a mountain in Scotland, drank the best drink in the world in Ireland, and got in touch with my Eastern European side in Poland (were I also visited Auschwitz); I went to San Diego four times, shot a film in the Mojave desert, created a new webpage and a new blog; I got rejected from tons of film festivals and screenplay competitions (it is part of the process, right?); I moved in with my girlfriend (2012 goal #1) and got lots of interesting jobs, some of which actually stuck (thanks Survival Jobs!); I updated my reel several times (and will be updating it again soon!) and uploaded Dinner for Two? on Funny or Die (84% funny!); I saw myself onscreen for the first time; I went to almost a dozen Cinematheque seminars and learned a ton about cinema and the art of filmmaking; I crossed the halfway point on the 1001 Movies To See Before You Die, completed The Artist’s Way creative workshop, read a dozen books, started cooking again, got my first Christmas tree, and saw a live lion, the Space Shuttle, and Mozart’s million dollar apartment door.

As for 2013, I will:

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