Goals: 2013


2012 was a crazy year, that’s for sure. I suped up Searching for Maude, made it ready for sale/production, and wrote the second draft of my Untitled thriller (2012 goal #3); I shot two film exercises, quadrupled my script coverage clients (2012 goal #6), worked on lots of awesome films, and met lots of great filmmakers, many of whom I will work with in the future (2012 goal #5); I saw the sights in England (and visited Matt and Anmol and ran into Mikey too!), climbed a mountain in Scotland, drank the best drink in the world in Ireland, and got in touch with my Eastern European side in Poland (were I also visited Auschwitz); I went to San Diego four times, shot a film in the Mojave desert, created a new webpage and a new blog; I got rejected from tons of film festivals and screenplay competitions (it is part of the process, right?); I moved in with my girlfriend (2012 goal #1) and got lots of interesting jobs, some of which actually stuck (thanks Survival Jobs!); I updated my reel several times (and will be updating it again soon!) and uploaded Dinner for Two? on Funny or Die (84% funny!); I saw myself onscreen for the first time; I went to almost a dozen Cinematheque seminars and learned a ton about cinema and the art of filmmaking; I crossed the halfway point on the 1001 Movies To See Before You Die, completed The Artist’s Way creative workshop, read a dozen books, started cooking again, got my first Christmas tree, and saw a live lion, the Space Shuttle, and Mozart’s million dollar apartment door.

As for 2013, I will:

1) Finish my latest Sam and Tom piece. It’s shot and now needs to go through post. Editors, I’m looking for you!

2) Write two features, including one in a budget range I can shoot myself. (I have an idea how I can shoot a feature Old Joy style, under 40k; I just need to a story that fits into it!)

3) Double my script coverage clients. I quadrupled my clients in 2012, but as my number of clients goes up, the multiplier must come down. I think if I can double my script coverage clientele in 2013, that will be a strong, healthy increase.

4) Continue expanding my networking/collaborator base. I’ve met so many great filmmakers and I want to keep that up! Since I’m writing and in post right now, most pertinent are editors (to work on my final Sam and Tom piece), writers (to help with goal #2), and producers (producers are always important), but I’m also looking for everyone; I love meeting talented, passionate people. And for writing, if I can find like-minded and interested writers, I’d even love working together on goal #2, whether it be co-writing, forming a writing group/team/partnership, or any other support that is helpful. Let me know if you are interested!

5) Take another filmmaking/writing/acting class. I’ve been working a lot, always learning and improving my skills and exercising my knowledge. I think it’s time to take another class, meet new people and get new perspectives to complement those I’ve been working with so far.

6) Earn more money and go on more interesting, exciting, random adventures. That’s always important!

And that is it. One year, six goals, I think that is plenty. Let the work begin!


About Gabriel Bruskoff
I make movies! See gabrielbruskoff.com for more information.

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