Most Anticipated Films: March

place beyond pines

February is done and with it the award season, which means we are now officially into the summer preseason. Some big films are coming out, including a prequel to a 70 year old classic, several big budget sci-fi pieces, and the first of several white house set action films like those Die Hard knock-offs so popular in the 90s. Here’s what I’m looking forward to:

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How Cinematographers do what they do

Two great articles released today, on Janusz Kaminski, Lincoln cinematographer and longtime Spielberg collaborator, and Roger Deakins, Skyfall cinematographer and longtime Coen brothers collaborator, and their film history and how they did what they do. It’s amazing.

Did you know Deakins has been nominated for best cinematography ten times? He hasn’t won yet (Kubrick and Hitchcock never won any Oscars either), but he gets my vote for best cinematographer alive. We’re actually really lucky right now, because there are so many great cinematographers out there. Lots of truly beautiful stuff.

Okay, here are the links:

From Shawshank to Skyfall, How Master Cinematographer Roger Deakins Got These Ten Shots

How Steven Spielberg’s Cinematographer Got These Eleven Shots

2013 Oscar Predictions: Part Two

My 2013 Oscar predictions, continuing from part one and into the technical categories.

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2013 Oscar Predictions


Hello everyone! We’re one week from the Oscars and so it is prediction time! Last year, not counting the short films (which I hadn’t seen), I was correct a paltry 6 out of 21 times, although it is might be more impressive to say I was correct in 5 out of 11 above the line categories and in 4 out of the big 6 (they say big five but it’s really six since original and adapted screenplays are separate).

Alright, here are my predictions for 2013. Hopefully, I’ll do a better job than last year!

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Irony and Storytelling

independence day poster jurassic park fargo

So I haven’t written an article specifically on filmmaking in a while. But I have an idea in my head and it feels pretty powerful, so I just have to write about it.

Okay, here goes:

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