Put on a Smile

Inspired by my previous entry, here is another poem, from another timed exercise.


Once there was a girl named Jill.
She swang and she sung and she liked to twirl.
She also danced, she danced a lot,
and when she got tired she sat on her butt.

But that was not often, as dancing she loved.
It lets her feel free, she glows from above.
Dancing’s the best, makes her feel alive,
doesn’t matter if it’s swing or salsa or hip hop or jive.

But dancing is gone, it’s not what she does.
She goes to the factory, where she puts on her gloves.
Operating machinery each and every day,
her love for dance, she keeps it at bay.

Because you have to make money, you must pay your bills,
and so what if the result is your soul being killed.
You have to work hard, earn money, play that game,
You can always save dancing for another day.

And should that day pass, well what can you do?
You can pout, you can cry, you can go boo-hoo-hoo.
Or you can be strong and be tough, don’t get yourself down,
pretend you’re okay even though your soul has been drowned.

Put on a smile, let people think you’re just fine,
as you drift through your life, miserable all of the time.
Put on a smile, let people think you feel good,
as you toss and you turn, can’t sleep because of your mood.

Put on a smile, each and every day,
only you will know the sad life you’ve made.
Put on a smile, all the way to your grave,
where everyone can say what a great life you made.


About Gabriel Bruskoff
I make movies! See gabrielbruskoff.com for more information.

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