The Curiosity Tree

Write the most random sentence you can. Then make a story from it.

The sentence: The tree sits pink out the neighbor’s window.


The tree sits pink out the neighbor’s window. Everyday the tree does its own thing, pink out the neighbor’s window, red hanging from the power lines, teal at the bus stop, clear upside down on the roof. It was even polka dot once, and another time, it was in my shower! It was normal green then, I guess being in my shower was weird enough. Sometimes, I don’t see the tree at all. That must be when it’s in the neighbors’ showers, or doing their dishes or watching TV. I’ve never actually seen it do those things, I just assume, after all, it was in my shower. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen the tree do anything. I’ve never even seen it move, except in the wind. Sure I’ve seen it different places, but how did it get there? How did it leave? And how did it get in my bathroom? I lock the doors and close the windows and there weren’t any tree tracks anywhere. Do trees even make tracks? It’s all so weird. But I don’t complain, even when the tree sits in my shower I don’t complain. You know why? Because every once in a while, the tree goes back where it belongs, back to its spot, out on the lawn, the entrance to our apartment complex. And I know the pattern. When the landlord comes, the tree behaves. No longer curious, no longer on adventures, not suspicious, no getting into trouble, nothing out of the ordinary. Like a sixth sense, the tree knows, every time the tree knows. And that works for me, my very own landlord warning system.


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