A Whirlwind of Craziness


So much is going on right now, I think I’m just going to write about it all, without planning or editing, and see where it takes me. Maybe I’ll put this in my writing exercises category, but I think it will go better as an about me post. Okay, here goes:

Four years and four months ago, my buddy Nathan organized a trip to Vegas. I has just moved back to LA and had yet to visit Vegas since turning 21, so I was very excited, especially since my old college roommate seemed to go every other month after he turned 21. The trip was mostly high school friends, with some of Nathan’s college friends mixed in too. In our vanpool, six were from high school and one was not. And of the six, none were Nathan himself, meaning that this one lone college connection knew no one in our car. I could tell it was awkward, and so I broke the ice, using the best pickup line ever, one that went something like this: “Okay, I can’t think of a nice way to ask this so I’m just gonna ask it. Who are you?” Everyone laughed and that is how I met my fiancee, Inna Bergal.

Fiancee, what a weird word to say. At least weird in relation to me. I proposed last Saturday, outside Caesar’s Palace. After arriving in Vegas, our group went to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen in Caesar’s Palace. Inna and I shared a pizza, then we walked back to our hotel together when everyone else took a taxi. I had one of those giant plastic bottle mixed drink concoctions that you can only get in Vegas, and that was the start of a weekend of non-stop drunkenness which somehow endeared me to Inna even more. On the way home, all my friends had to convince Inna that I was not the drunken partying fool that she met that weekend.

Fast-forward four years and a couple months, and Inna tells me her family is planning a Vegas trip for her grandma’s 75 birthday. Perfect. It’s proposal time and I’ve been trying to think of a special way to do it. Of course, I don’t put two-and-two together until only a couple weeks before the trip, but all I need is a ring and so, with the help of my sister and downtown’s Jewelry District, I get one and I am ready.

Inna and I arrive in Vegas, staying at the Paris hotel, but I want to do it at Caesars. So I somehow (I don’t remember how) convince Inna to abandon her family and head to Caesar’s Palace, where I popped the question.

Honestly, I didn’t think it was going to be that big a deal. It was long overdue and everyone knew it was going to happen sooner or later, so I just thought there was going to be some smiling and happiness and then we’d go about our day. Boy was I wrong. There was lots of smiling and happiness (and crying and other emotions I don’t remember), then phone calls and we tracked down Inna’s family (at the Venetian), who were crazy excited and took tons of pictures and lots more phone calls and texts and a gondola ride and some gelato too. So much for our original plans for that afternoon.

Everything was great and it was all wonderful, but it was also a little surreal. It hadn’t hit home. When did it hit home?¬† I’d say when we changed our status on Facebook. All of the sudden it went from talk and texts to something real, a status change, official, and now everyone knows. Sign of the times, I guess, Facebook taking over our lives.

It’s only been one day back, and our lives have not yet calmed down, although mostly for reasons unrelated to the engagement. Inna is in escrow on a condo in North Hollywood, a fixer upper that we are getting a great deal on, except we’ve had to jump through several hoops to get it. But hopefully we just conquered our last obstacle and the place is ours. Add to that good things happening at her job, transferring to her new department, and things are all sorts of crazy.

As for myself, things are no less hectic. I’m done with my Warner Brothers job and continuing to develop a feature I’m set to shoot next year. I know how to shoot it in an affordable range, it’s just a matter of finding the story that fits into the production I am imagining. But I’m excited for the ideas I’m formulating and the writer I’m working with is too, I have a killer up-and-coming producer interested and lots of talented cast and crew, so things are looking good.

Of course, a year plus away is a long time for my next production, and so the ideas are formulating for another short exercise. There are still more aspects of filmmaking I want to explore and another short will do the trick; I’ve already put some feelers out and so I will be shooting again soon!

On top of that all, Inna and I still have the craziness of fixing up our new place, moving, finding someone to take over our old lease (looking for a one bedroom in Valley Village? Let us know!), and I’m selling my car (interested in a 2000 Maxima? Let me know!), so that is another can of worms to deal with. The Hollywood Bowl starts up soon, so then we’ll get to deal with that, and I’m still thinking about my 4-hour Workweek muse. And, of course, now there’s all the wedding/honeymoon thoughts. Inna wants to get married on a beach, but then she also mentioned holding the ceremony in one of LA’s historic movie palaces, which would be amazing! As for our honeymoon, we were thinking Brazil/Argentina, either before or after next year’s World Cup. But it’s all just thoughts right now, who knows what we’ll do (especially when we start seeing prices, ahhh! And where is money better spent anyways, wedding/honeymoon or a movie? You can probably guess my opinion.)

So that is all, things are crazy, but in a good way. It’s all an adventure, just got to keep the adventure going. Inna and I sure are!


About Gabriel Bruskoff
I make movies! See gabrielbruskoff.com for more information.

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