Most Anticipated Movies: June


Welcome back! Another month, another Most Anticipated Movies post! Be sure to check out what I saw in May, where I detail everything I watched last month, both theatrical releases and older films too!

And now, onto June! Here’s what I’m excited for:

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Movies I Watched: May

blue dekalog

I’m going to try something different here. Instead of highlighting the new releases I’ve seen at the beginning of my Most Anticipated Movies posts, I’m dedicating an entire post to the movies I watched this month. That way, I can list everything, not just new releases. For a movie buff like me, that is super-exciting!

Note: the one-sheets at the top go to the best movies I’d never seen before that I saw this month.

Okay, here it is, what I saw in May!

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A Bonus Writing Exercise – dug up from the past!

I’m going into production tomorrow and I am super excited! Another one day shoot, experimenting with some new filmmaking techniques I want to try out. Because of all the preproduction (and moving, and wedding planning, and everything), I haven’t been able to post much on my blog. So I dug up this old writing exercise, something I did to alleviate boredom during my senior year of high school. I don’t remember how I started or structured this piece, other than to be random and I only allowed myself to write about people in the class I was doing the writing in.

Okay, here goes:

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When Original Wasn’t A Dirty Word

iron man 3 franchise opp

Iron Man 3 is tracking for an opening weekend between $170-$175 million, which would make it the second largest opening weekend ever. More than Iron Man 1, more than Iron Man 2, and just behind the Avengers (ie Iron Man 2.5/Thor 2/The Hulk 3/Captain America 2)

I’ve seen four films this year, all originals. The only franchise films I’m excited for are Before Midnight and the latest entry in the Up Series, and those franchises are so original, I hesitate to label them franchises at all. When it comes to original films, even when they aren’t good, even when I don’t like them, I LOVE original films. I love that some director/producer/writer/actor took a chance, tried something new and gutsy and didn’t rely on formulas that worked in the past or characters that they already knew or plots they’ve already done, that they didn’t rely on an established brand or series or trademark, but instead reached deep, got creative, and created something new, unique, something I’d never seen before.

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Awesome Stop-Motion!

Technology never ceases to amaze. This is amazing, at least from a technology point of view. It kind of reminds me of pong, and I wonder if the technological wonder this film will create is similar to what that video game created when it was first released.