The Fuck Poem

Turn one emotion into another (this one is anger into comedy). Explore, and don’t hold back.

Warning, lots of bad language to follow:


God damn fuck fuck,
I’m gonna kill the chick in this fucking truck.
Driving fifty in the fast lane,
this fucking shit drives me insane!
Creeping along, won’t move over,
I’ll kill this fucker and her lover.
Oblivious to all, especially me,
I’ll gut her stomach with my keys.

God damn fuck fuck,
why does this day have to fucking suck?
Working hard, I hate my job,
serving all these people, these fucking slobs.
These fucking dicks, their asshole wives,
Ordering onions and scallions, fuck you, they’re chives!
But they don’t care, dumb as can be,
So in their soup there goes my pee.

God damn fuck fuck,
why am I surrounded by fucking ducks?
They swim, they paddle, think they’re so cute,
I’d like to hit them with my flute.
They’re at the lake, all over the place,
all it is is ducks in my face.
Leave me alone, just let me be,
or I’ll kick you around like I’m Bruce Lee.

God damn fuck fuck,
who the fuck says things like fucking shucks?
Golly gee willickers, oh me oh my,
this is worse than needles in my eye.
Absatootlelootly, lovelypie, and smootzie-poo,
I really really really really fucking hate you!
I’m a little angel, so cute, so free,
fuck you, fuck you, fuck you and fuck me.

God damn fuck fuck,
what I really need is a nice healthy fucking fuck.
Fuck in the muck, fuck in a truck,
you’ll fuck anywhere when your life is yuck.
Fuck for a buck, then huck a hockey puck,
that doesn’t make sense but I don’t give a fuck.
Cluck like a duck, pluck your stuck gluck,
I don’t know what I’m saying, this poem is fucking fucked.

About Gabriel Bruskoff
I make movies! See for more information.

2 Responses to The Fuck Poem

  1. misskzebra says:

    I bet writing this out was quite relieving.

    I live in a house full of Mormons. Sometimes all I want to do is yell, “FUCKING BASTARD CUNTFACED SHIT!”

    Alas, they would be less than tolerant of that kind of language.

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