Susy Number Two

Write non-stop. Keep your hand moving. Don’t cross out. Don’t worry about spelling, punctuation, or grammar. Lose control, don’t think, and go for the jugular.


Once upon a time, there was a girl named Susy,
she was very smart, she was not a floosy.
She also was cute, was cute as can be,
the perfect dream girl, as everyone could see.
And that drove them crazy, boys and girls alike,
this little perfect girl, whom everyone would strike,
guys with their dicks, girls with their knives,
girls who are perfect like this ruin everyone’s lives.

They ruin guys lives because of bullshit expectations,
getting them horny, driving them crazy with temptation.
She doesn’t do anything but they all want to do her,
mounting perfection, it just makes them feel cooler.
But that’s not quite it, it also makes them feel grand,
to know such a girl, to hold her hand,
to hold her tightly, kiss her wet lips,
and also enjoy her perfect tits.

Of course, this is the reason why girls hate her too,
they’re jealous and self-conscious of the guys they screw.
Girls must be bad, give it up to get noticed,
Susy just exists and guys get mid-coitus.
And then they expect it, what no girl can fulfill,
perfection and beauty and they know the drill.
To just be so sweet, take care of his needs,
because of bitches like Susy, girls do their bad deeds.

And so Susy exists, oblivious to all,
so sweet and so innocent, she won’t let herself fall,
for any guy who exists, she keeps herself clean,
safe and conservative if you know what I mean.
But one day she’ll get lucky, she’ll find Mr. Right,
and for him it will be the time of his life.
They’ll get married, get together, that’s what they will do.
And the boys and the girls will move on to Susy number two.


About Gabriel Bruskoff
I make movies! See for more information.

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