Most Anticipated Movies: September


Wow, so many good movies came out last month! September is looking a little slower, which will at least allow for a break on the movie-going expenses. But there’s still some interesting films coming out, and here’s what I’m looking forward to:

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Movies I Watched: August

blue jasmine act of killing spectacular now worlds end

It’s the end of August and I’m changing things up! The posters above are all the theatrical releases I saw this month. I figure these are the films that people are most interested in, so enjoy the eye-catching posters that go with them!

Okay, that’s all, just a little change. Now onto the good stuff, here’s what I saw in August:

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A Trend In Movie Posters

A little over a year ago, I wrote this post, on my favorite movie marketing. Since then, I’ve noticed a new movie poster trend, one that I really like and want to call attention to, because these posters are awesome!

The trend is: black silhouettes with a uniformly colored background. Instead of a still or an actor, these posters consist of a single simplified image. Even more than the image, my favorite aspect is the color itself. Since the posters only use black, white, and a single solid color, the color (usually bold and vibrant) jumps out like crazy and does really powerful things. And ever since seeing Kieslowski’s Colors Trilogy, I have been obsessed with color in film. When done right, it adds a whole new layer, intense and meaningful and powerful and I love it!

Here are some examples, some of the posters I’m talking about:

killing them softly

Starting out with the simplest one of the bunch, and one of my favorites. I never saw this movie but I absolutely love the poster. So clean and elegant. Beautiful use of space too, I love how the bullet streak aligns with the text and also how it isn’t perfectly straight, like it was hand drawn.

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Cream Cheese Pie

Write one sentence, then write another without violating the previous one.


I like pie
oh me oh my
Have you tried
my homemade pie?

It’s actually cake
it’s called cheescake
but it’s a pie
I will not lie.

Cause cheesecake is pie
cake is a lie
call it cheesepie
cheesecake should die.

But cheesepie is wrong
cheese is a sad song
cream cheese pie
that’s what makes me high.

Cream cheese pie is what it’s called
cheesecake, cheesepie, you’ve been annulled
so get the name right
and eat some tonight.