Five Silly Things: Round 2

Five hobbies, classes, things I would never to, skills, things I used to enjoy, things to try once.

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Childhood Fives

In each category, list five things you are proud of from your childhood.

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20 Things You Love To Do (and the last time you did them): Round 2

The Artist’s Way was so powerful, that I am doing the exercises again! I did this one last year and it was so influential that it inspired an entire Europe-trip! Twenty things I love to do, and the last time I did them, 2013 version:

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The Final Movies I Watched Post: Beginning of September

in the loop

It’s gotten to that point, writing about all the movies I’ve seen is too much. I’m watching almost a movie a day right now, and unfortunately I just don’t have the time to write these blurbs after every film that I watch. I will continue to report on the Theatrical and New Video Releases I’ve seen (I will post them at the beginning of my Most Anticipated Movies posts like I did in the past), but the older films, well I’m just going to have to enjoy on my own for now.

Okay, here goes. The blurbs I’ve already written for the films I’ve already seen this month. Enjoy!

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