Horror Films For Halloween: Part 2

For those who didn’t get enough in Part 1, here’re 26 additional films that didn’t make the cut!

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13 Horror Films for Halloween


Happy Halloween everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve been here, still busy working on my next feature. But I just re-watched The Elephant Man and one of the carnival scenes made me think of Freaks and it’s almost Halloween and so the ball started rolling. A quick break from my break from this blog, to post my top horror films, great to watch on Halloween. Enjoy!


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Timed writing. Don’t let the pen stop. Go for the jugular.


Waste of time
I’m going to rhyme
see I just did
on cups go lids
that was a non-sequitir
I did it for the rhyme
that did not rhyme
and there I used one word two times
I don’t give a fuck
I could use a lot more luck
my writing is full of shit
I have not wrote a hit
a hit in the personal sense
something that makes me tense
that makes me go this must be made
that is more exciting than getting laid
sounds like exaggeration but it’s what it must be
even better than letting in held pee
now my poem is getting stupid
it was before but now it’s a dud
because even though dumb it started unique
now it’s not even work a peek
simple rhymes, nothing deep
nothing that you would want to keep
inside you, nothing to remember
I am living in the month of September
I don’t have time, there’s so much to do
and I’m not even buying new shoes
see, now my rhyme has become like my others
why bother, break it up, do something different
have a fit
wear a mitt
go get lit
suck a tit
pop a zit
hit a twit
throw a twig
zig and zag
play some tag
sag your pants
burn some ants
the small kind
do a grind
find your kind
kid around
soft and sound
to the ground
to the sky
eat some pie
have some cake
do a shake
shake and bake
that’s a quote
I don’t care
I am growing back my hair
long and curly
it’s not girly
I pull it off
you can cough
and judge and squirm
like a worm
I don’t care
I have my hair
growing back
before you know it
I will show it
long and curly
that’s what I said
that’s what happens to my head
to the hair
I don’t care
time is over
like a four leaf clover
it is finished
time diminished
I am done
this was fun!