Script Coverage

Haven’t posted this in a while, but I just finished off another client, and I’m raising my rates soon, so lets post this again. Got a script? Want it to get better? Let me help! Contact me, or go here for more information.

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No Trespassing

Throw a bunch of words in a hat, pull one out, and write a story using that word.

This week’s word: ANSWER


This might be my sense of adventure talking, or maybe right vs. wrong (or lack thereof). Maybe I just like danger, or sticking it to authority. Honestly, I don’t know, I just know that whenever I see a No Trespassing sign, I have to trespass, I have to go. It’s like a compulsion, I can’t help it, I can’t say no.

I mean, how can you not? Don’t you wonder what’s over there? What’s so special? What they’re hiding and why can’t we see it? I must know! I need answers, curiosity is a natural instinct, and that’s why I go.

Most of the time it’s harmless. You never get caught and if you do they just ask you to leave. Maybe they’ll arrest you if it’s really serious: like a federal building or government land, but even then it’s just a night in jail, no one cares, and for the most part trespassing involves no one seeing you, no one is even there.

Except one time, I was alone, hiking in the Hollywood Hills. Just out for a walk, not planning anything, but I saw the sign and that was it, I had to go. Had to know: what’s back there? What are they hiding, alone in the hills, behind their No Trespassing sign. They’re so adamant we stay out that a fence isn’t enough? They have to announce they have secrets? Their No Trespassing sign, it’s begging me to come.

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The Mirror

Two friends visit a house that one of them inherited from a relative. In the house is a 100-year-old mirror, unbroken. Write the story.

THE MIRROR (no, this has nothing to do with Tarkovsky)

Warning: This one is creepy.

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Love Stories

I just rewatched Drive (love that film) and realized I should post the table cards Inna and I made for our wedding! Our favorite love stories, a still and a quote; can you identify each film? Enjoy!

1 city lights

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