Another Pile Of Shit

Story dice: I rolled three and got an arrow, a skyscraper, and a footprint (which I took as barefoot).


Hurry, hurry, of course you’re late. Big day, and of course you’re late. Slept in, 1PM is your meeting, you knew that but what do you do? Sleep in, miss your bus and now it’s 12:50 and you still have a ways to go, ways to go, running through the streets, downtown, your big day, your big meeting, to pitch your story.

The skyscraper is ahead and you can see it: your destination, almost there. Top floor, this is big, top executive, how could you sleep in? Your first break in years, working, slaving away and now opportunity knocks, you’re there, you’ve reached it. Two minutes to spare.

“Spare some change?” a homeless man asks, but there’s no time for that. I’m late, should have been here fifteen minutes ago.

I sidestep around him. Shit. Right in it. Shit on the sidewalk, I stepped right into it. The homeless guy is laughing now, asshole, he probably put it there, laughing at me outside this building where the top floor awaits my life’s biggest meeting.

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