Goals: 2015


Wow, 2014 was crazy! And I know exactly where to begin!

I got married! To the most wonderful girl, she’s so amazing, the best girl imaginable. We had a great ceremony at Malibou Lake (thank you to all who came!), an awesome mini-moon up the California coast, and an even awesomer honeymoon in Uruguay and Argentina! In addition to all this, we also made it to Dana Point and San Francisco this year, we were all over the place!

On the filmmaking end, I wrote one feature (2014 goal #1, sort of), took another writing class (2014 goal #3), started on an awesome crowdfunding seminar, worked on some amazing productions (including a Louis CK comedy special), and met lots of super-talented new filmmakers (2014 goal #2). Even more importantly, I locked down the script for my next short, The Engaged Life! It’s a small piece, not as big as I was hoping, but I love the script and am excited to make it! And the big short will come later this year (see below)!

On the writing front, in addition to my feature, I joined a writing group that does flash fiction every other week, wrote lots more of my own flash fiction, and even wrote a 5500 word noir short (it’s really good too)!

Oh, I also started an etsy account (2014 goal #4). Just opened it at the end of the year, and now it’s ready to bring in lots of money!

Onto 2015, I will:

1) Make The Engaged Life.

2) Make another short film, a big one! I’ve learned so much since my last big short, I’ve grown so much as a filmmaker and met so many talented individuals, it’s time to put it all together, put everything into action!

That’s it, just the two goals this year. No excuse, let’s do this!


About Gabriel Bruskoff
I make movies! See gabrielbruskoff.com for more information.

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