Most Anticipated Films of 2015, Part One: Winter and Spring

A-MOST-VIOLENT-YEAR-poster while were young

Here comes 2015! And with it, my most anticipated movies of the year!


Must Sees: A Most Violent Year – JC Chandor is awesome and this movie looks crazy good (technically it is being released on December 31st to be eligible for award season, another good sign)

On the Fence: Leviathan – I don’t know much about this movie other than that it is Russian, and it is supposed to be amazing. True Story – Interesting premise, even moreso because it is based on a true story. But titling it ‘True Story’? C’mon, be more creative than that! Blackhat – Michael Mann is a great filmmaker, but he’s also a hit or miss one. Not sure what this film is going to be.


Must Sees: none

On the Fence: Map to the Stars – Croenberg has had some misses as of late, but when he hits, it is really good. Jupiter Ascending – One day the Wachowski siblings will re-capture the magic that was The Matrix, but I’m not sure this is going to be it


Must Sees: While We’re Young – Frances Ha was awesome and from the trailer, it definitely looks like Baumbach has recaptured that magic in this film.

On the Fence: Chappie – District 9 was great but Elysium was not; hopefully this film will be more like the former, less like the latter. In the Heart of the Sea – The true story that inspired Moby Dick. Im not a huge Ron Howard fan, but I can’t deny that he has made some excellent films and I hope this one is too! Get Hard – Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, and the trailer is funny!


Must Sees: none

On the Fence: Ex Machina – Directorial debut from one of the best genre writers out there, and of course he wrote it too

Onto summer.


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