Use the following words in a story: nursery, reward, scallop


Trees and bushes and a million types of flowers. Dahlias, roses, tulips, all different varieties, so much to choose from. What did she want? Front yard, beside the driveway, her new garden, she said unique and beautiful, not cliche which eliminates roses. Tulips it is, tulips and a sunflower. That’s unique, like back in kindergarden, planting sunflowers in the school garden, that’ll be fun, that’s definitely unique.

He pays the cashier, takes his flowers, leaves the nursery, and heads home. A short drive, short enough to walk, but not when you have flowers to bring home with you.

He arrives, and what is this? On the sidewalk, in front of his driveway, it’s a little girl. It’s the neighbor’s girl, no more than seven. And she’s crying. What’s she doing here, all alone, and why’s she crying?

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