History of Cinema – An Infograph

I love film and I love film history; back in February I even did a podcast on it! Hollywood in particular has a super dynamic history, constantly responding to changing demands and social values, all the while absorbing cinematic influences from all over the world.

If you study film, you’ll start to learn about movements and waves. These occur when the confluence of talent, support, and timing come together just right, causing an underrepresented cinema to explode onto the international scene. These cinemas are often national cinemas that are popular in their own country but not internationally, but sometimes (especially recently) they comes from Hollywood’s own backyard. For example, right now, in addition to Hollywood being in the Franchise Era, we are also in the midst of the Mumblecore movement, the Second Black Wave, and New Queer Cinema, and on the international front we are currently experiencing the New French Extremity and also new waves from Mexico, South Korea, Romania, and Iran.

Because there’ve been so many waves and movements in the history of film, all producing great films and filmmakers, I decided to organize them. The result is the entire history of film (Hollywood centric) in one infograph.

history of film (smaller)

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History of Cinema – Omissions

If you haven’t seen my History of Cinema chart, go here to check it out! With this post I will list the biggest omissions from the chart. First up, filmmakers:

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Continuing a Movie Poster Trend

A little over a year ago, I wrote this post about a movie poster trend I noticed and was really enjoying. Well, since I wrote that post, lots more posters have come out in that style, so I decided to make another compilation.

Here they are:

As_Above,_So_Below_Poster willow_creek_movie-poster-new-best-horror-movie-posters-201 cub-poster1

Horror films love this style, especially with red backgrounds. I love the As Above So Below poster. The poster appears to be upside down, but then the title implies that upside down-ness is part of the story. Very effective integration of movie title and poster design.

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The Engine Lab

Cristina and Scott meet after a failed experiment. One wants revenge and there is a near death experience involved. Write the story.


It was supposed to be a simple experiment. They did it every year, Aero 351, turn on the engine and measure some shit, then go home and do some calculations, write a report. That’s how it was supposed to be, how it went every year.

But not this year.

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