Continuing a Movie Poster Trend

A little over a year ago, I wrote this post about a movie poster trend I noticed and was really enjoying. Well, since I wrote that post, lots more posters have come out in that style, so I decided to make another compilation.

Here they are:

As_Above,_So_Below_Poster willow_creek_movie-poster-new-best-horror-movie-posters-201 cub-poster1

Horror films love this style, especially with red backgrounds. I love the As Above So Below poster. The poster appears to be upside down, but then the title implies that upside down-ness is part of the story. Very effective integration of movie title and poster design.

the walk

Why are they walking down the side of the World Trade Center? The movie is about them (one of them actually) tightrope walking from one tower to the other, not walking down the side of the building. Kinda throws me in what is otherwise an awesome poster.


Best picture winner Birdman went crazy with this poster design, as you are about the see. The above poster is decent, but now check out these:

birdman toronto birdman seattle birdman san francisco  birdman dc birdman dont know 2 birdman dont know 3 birdman dont know birdman epcot birdman boston birdman la

City-specific Birdman posters, all in minimalist silhouetted designs. I love these posters, and even moreso, I love the creativeness of making a design series like this. Also, since Birdman is a superhero who presumably flies from city to city, this series even fits within the story itself. This is a brilliant advertising campaign.

inside out poster

Does this one count? Silhouetted head, solid colors inside, I say yes!

matsune miku

This one definitely counts, although I don’t know what Hatsune Miku is. I looked her up and I think it’s Japanese anime? I have no idea what this is about, and what are those giant things coming off the opposite sides of her head? Not sure this style works so well on this poster, although I do love the background color they chose.


This poster inverses the style: white instead of black, and the solid color is the silhouette, not the background behind the silhouette. And because the silhouette is a shadow of the main character, I think this inverse-ness works great!


Another Tarantino poster, which, like Tusk, inverts the style. It’s only fitting that Tarantino inverted the style this time, since he used it normally for his last film (included in my last post) and you don’t want to do the same thing twice!


Another movie I know nothing about. This seems like one of those posters where if you’ve seen the movie you’ll get the poster, but not if you haven’t (very common in minimalist poster designs). This can work for films based on existing property, but not for original films (the point of a movie poster is to pique your interest in seeing a movie, not to appreciate it after you’ve seen the movie). So again, I’m not sure this is the best poster style for this particular film.

mad men poster

This should have been in my last post, but I didn’t start watching the show until now. Shame on me, I know!

rrThere-Will-Be-Blood rrRobocop rrBlues-Brothers rrDirty-Harry

Re-release posters, something to do with Rolling Stone. I included one that I found for Rocky in my last post; here are some more!


Does this one count? It’s not a solid color background, and the silhouette isn’t the main focus of the poster (although it is there). Whatever, it’s close and I really like this poster, so I am including it here.

lenica_przygoda2 lipinski_niemapowjohnny lipinski_dzienszakala hilscher_portierzlazwyb  flisak_najemorderca   flisak_zwariowanoc flisak_sacco flisak_ranchotexas swierzy_sunsetbv lenica_kanal2

In my last post, I mentioned how this poster style started with Saul Bass. However, I recently learned that this style also developed from The Golden Age of Polish film posters, as seen in these posters above. Like Saul Bass, the Polish poster designers were all about reducing the film to a single metaphor, produced minimally and with vibrant colors. And like Saul Bass’s work, these posters are awesome!

Blue Mornings One Sheet

This is one of my films. After discovering this poster style, of course I was going to use it myself! Does it work? I think so, and others have told me they like it too. What do you think? Let me know! (poster designed by Hovsep Agop,


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