Top 10 On Crack


I’m not a huge fan of lists and don’t do many on this site, but the other night I had an urge to do some and then I went crazy! All the top tens I could think of, some serious, some fun, all conveniently placed in this post for your reading pleasure. There’s a lot here, so browse around and learn about my tastes, or have even more fun and read them all!

A note before we begin: all my entries are in chronological order, although I did star the #1 entries. The rest in each category, numbers two through ten, are equal (there are too many nuances, not to mention my own changing tastes, to rank them).

Lastly, I obviously am only including movies I’ve seen. So if you’re upset about a film that is missing, I might not have seen it (recommend it to me in the comments!). These lists are current as of November 30th, 2015.

And now, without further ado: My Top 10:


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My Thoughts On Television (and some reviews too!)

The Walking Dead Season 2 One Sheet Television Poster game of thrones bloodline Parks_and_Recreation_Season_6_Box_Art unbreakable kimmy schmidt lost Big_bang_theory_poster11 orange is the new black breaking bad wire true detective mad men poster

There’s lots of movie stuff on this blog, but what about television? We’re in the Second Golden Age of Television after all, and TV has never been better. Television is so good that it’s actually stealing lots of talent from film (we have 24 to blame for that, the first case I know of where a film actor switched to TV and saw his profile rise) and pretty much all the good writers (minus writer/directors and half of Aaron Sorkin) are writing for television these days. Knowing this, why don’t I write more about TV?

The truth is, while I love film, I’m not much of TV person. Yes, television and film both tell stories with pictures that move (and sound), but the stories they tell are very different. Movies are dynamic, they are about the most important event in a person’s life, the event that causes them to change forever. Television, however, is about the character’s life before or after that event; the characters are static, they don’t change. They are the same week after week, which makes it comfortable to spend time with them, and enjoyable too since they are “likeable”.

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