I Got Married!

Hey all! You may have noticed that I haven’t posted here in a while and that’s because I just got married! Yay! Here are some videos about the wedding, one a slideshow about me and my now wife, former girlfriend/fiancee/bride Inna, met, and the second a compilation of our favorite engagement photos. I’ll post more wedding stuff as it comes and will of course get back to my regular postings shortly. Until then, enjoy!

FYI: I made the first slideshow but did not make the second one. Credit on that one (and credits for the individual pictures) goes to Ostrovskiy Photography, http://www.ostrovskiy.com





Wedding Video!

Here it is! Special thanks to The Brides and the Bees! They rock!


For more of our wedding videos, click here.

Love Stories

I just rewatched Drive and realized I should post the table cards Inna and I made for our wedding! Our favorite love stories, a still and a quote; can you identify each film? Enjoy!

1 city lights

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Susy Number Two

Write non-stop. Keep your hand moving. Don’t cross out. Don’t worry about spelling, punctuation, or grammar. Lose control, don’t think, and go for the jugular.


Once upon a time, there was a girl named Susy,
she was very smart, she was not a floosy.
She also was cute, was cute as can be,
the perfect dream girl, as everyone could see.
And that drove them crazy, boys and girls alike,
this little perfect girl, whom everyone would strike,
guys with their dicks, girls with their knives,
girls who are perfect like this ruin everyone’s lives.

They ruin guys lives because of bullshit expectations,
getting them horny, driving them crazy with temptation.
She doesn’t do anything but they all want to do her,
mounting perfection, it just makes them feel cooler.
But that’s not quite it, it also makes them feel grand,
to know such a girl, to hold her hand,
to hold her tightly, kiss her wet lips,
and also enjoy her perfect tits.

Of course, this is the reason why girls hate her too,
they’re jealous and self-conscious of the guys they screw.
Girls must be bad, give it up to get noticed,
Susy just exists and guys get mid-coitus.
And then they expect it, what no girl can fulfill,
perfection and beauty and they know the drill.
To just be so sweet, take care of his needs,
because of bitches like Susy, girls do their bad deeds.

And so Susy exists, oblivious to all,
so sweet and so innocent, she won’t let herself fall,
for any guy who exists, she keeps herself clean,
safe and conservative if you know what I mean.
But one day she’ll get lucky, she’ll find Mr. Right,
and for him it will be the time of his life.
They’ll get married, get together, that’s what they will do.
And the boys and the girls will move on to Susy number two.

Compatible with Hell

Write one sentence, then write another without violating the previous one.

Warning: this one is disturbing. I have no idea where it came from.


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A Bonus Writing Exercise – dug up from the past!

I’m going into production tomorrow and I am super excited! Another one day shoot, experimenting with some new filmmaking techniques I want to try out. Because of all the preproduction (and moving, and wedding planning, and everything), I haven’t been able to post much on my blog. So I dug up this old writing exercise, something I did to alleviate boredom during my senior year of high school. I don’t remember how I started or structured this piece, other than to be random and I only allowed myself to write about people in the class I was doing the writing in.

Okay, here goes:

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A Whirlwind of Craziness


So much is going on right now, I think I’m just going to write about it all, without planning or editing, and see where it takes me. Maybe I’ll put this in my writing exercises category, but I think it will go better as an about me post. Okay, here goes:

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Story of Tim

The timed exercise. Write non-stop for ten/twenty/thirty minutes (I don’t remember, I did this one a while ago). Keep your hand moving. Don’t cross out. Don’t worry about spelling, punctuation, or grammar. Lose control, don’t think, and go for the jugular.


Once upon a time, there was a boy named Tim.
He walked and he walked, he walked on four limbs.
He did this because he was only two years old,
Even though it wasn’t what he was told.
People said “walk upright, it’s time to grow up!”,
but Tim walked on all fours and showed them his butt.
They said “it’s time to grow up, stop being a baby!”,
Tim said “Ef you and ef me and give me a lady.”

Twenty years later and Tim was twenty-two.
Where he felt most comfortable was at the zoo.
He wasn’t an animal, he walked correct now,
but more than people or persons he connected with cows.
People are mean, always pushy and bossing around.
Animals are nice, they are sweet, and they don’t make a sound.
People are stupid, they are grumpy, they think they’re so smart.
Animals don’t care, they stay quiet, they sit around and fart.

Twenty years later and Tim is forty-two.
He misses the cows who only say moo.
He has a job now; he’s square as can be.
He only has freedom when he goes to go pee.
In the bathroom, alone, he can be free, be himself,
not some puppet striving for plaques on a shelf.
In the bathroom is where Tim is free to be free,
not some faker loser who stings like a bee.

Twenty years later and Tim is sixty-two.
Now he goes around, creates lots of hullabaloo.
He quit his job, got out of that life.
He juggles chainsaws now, swords an axe and a knife.
He performs on the street, crowds love what they see.
Tim does what he loves, and that is the key.
Crowds give Tim their money, at most dollar bills.
It is not too much, Tim can’t buy his pills.
But now Tim feels great, no pills does he need,
his life is fulfilled, his soul has been freed.
He even got lucky, met the girl of his dreams.
He takes her home where she moans and she screams.

Now it’s Tim’s last twenty and he’s eighty-two.
Twenty more years, that just won’t do.
Tim is old now, juggling hurts his arms,
it’s taken its toll and he has lots of scars.
He’s still married though, still happy, still free.
He lies in his bed, dies at eighty-three.
His wife stays behind, she’s sad, still alive,
she’ll never forget this magical guy.
Who followed his heart, never fit with the rest,
and that’s what made him his very best.
That’s the story of Tim, the story’s at an end.
If you feel like you know him, I hope he’s your friend.