Where I’ve Been

Hello all! I haven’t posted here for a while and maybe you’re wondering where I’ve been. Well, I’ve been doing a lot of writing, and Inna and I are also taking a year off, to travel! That’s right, a whole year: Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, and of course road tripping across the United States! Maybe we’ll even get Africa in there, if we can manage it.

I started a new blog about my travel endeavors, so check it out! Otherwise, I don’t know how much I’ll be posting around here, but I’ll put up some stuff and I’ll talk to you soon!


Goals: 2016


2015 was a rough year. Those who’ve been here know that all too well.

But despite the hardship, I still got a lot done! I finished The Engaged Life (2015 goal #1) and got it into two festivals, I took two parts of a four part screenwriting workshop that completely transformed my writing, and I wrote a short (from the writing class) that I will make early next year. I also produced a short and an educational video on Hindi dance, I ADed and PAed on several projects, and I even did a podcast on the box office giants throughout Hollywood’s history.

On the writing front, in addition to the two part class I took and the shorts I wrote, I wrote lots more flash fiction and have continued to improve the 5000 word neo-noir I wrote last year. I’m now submitting it to literary publications and plan to adapt it into a feature once I finish my writing workshop.

I also did a lot outside of filmmaking and writing this year. Inna and I celebrated our one-year anniversary with a brief best-of-California trip, stopping at Big Sur, Davis, Tahoe, and Lone Pine. We took trips to Palm Springs, Newport Beach, and San Diego, and I even went on a desert camping trip as well. And last but not least is Christmas and New Years, which we’re spending in Costa Rica (blog post coming soon)!

Other cool things I did this year: I saw Florence and the Machine as well as 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Nightmare Before Christmas with live music at the Hollywood Bowl, listened to an Aerosmith concert from a hotel balcony, drove on a dried up lake bed, visited the house with the top rated view in Malibu, started playing soccer again, refereed the Los Angeles city section high school soccer championship, shot a shotgun and a handgun and an AR15 and a .357 magnum, went to four weddings, took apart a school bus with only a wrench and a screwdriver, and met lots of cool, interesting, wonderful people!

Oh yeah, Inna and I also adopted the best freaking dog in the world.


In 2016, I will:

1) Finish my writing workshop and write the big short I’ve been searching for.

2) Make said short.

Now it’s time to get it done!

Top 10 On Crack


I’m not a huge fan of lists and don’t do many on this site, but the other night I had an urge to do some and then I went crazy! All the top tens I could think of, some serious, some fun, all conveniently placed in this post for your reading pleasure. There’s a lot here, so browse around and learn about my tastes, or have even more fun and read them all!

A note before we begin: all my entries are in chronological order, although I did star the #1 entries. The rest in each category, numbers two through ten, are equal (there are too many nuances, not to mention my own changing tastes, to rank them).

Lastly, I obviously am only including movies I’ve seen. So if you’re upset about a film that is missing, I might not have seen it (recommend it to me in the comments!). These lists are current as of November 30th, 2015.

And now, without further ado: My Top 10:


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Goals: 2015


Wow, 2014 was crazy! And I know exactly where to begin!

I got married! To the most wonderful girl, she’s so amazing, the best girl imaginable. We had a great ceremony at Malibou Lake (thank you to all who came!), an awesome mini-moon up the California coast, and an even awesomer honeymoon in Uruguay and Argentina! In addition to all this, we also made it to Dana Point and San Francisco this year, we were all over the place!

On the filmmaking end, I wrote one feature (2014 goal #1, sort of), took another writing class (2014 goal #3), started on an awesome crowdfunding seminar, worked on some amazing productions (including a Louis CK comedy special), and met lots of super-talented new filmmakers (2014 goal #2). Even more importantly, I locked down the script for my next short, The Engaged Life! It’s a small piece, not as big as I was hoping, but I love the script and am excited to make it! And the big short will come later this year (see below)!

On the writing front, in addition to my feature, I joined a writing group that does flash fiction every other week, wrote lots more of my own flash fiction, and even wrote a 5500 word noir short (it’s really good too)!

Oh, I also started an etsy account (2014 goal #4). Just opened it at the end of the year, and now it’s ready to bring in lots of money!

Onto 2015, I will:

1) Make The Engaged Life.

2) Make another short film, a big one! I’ve learned so much since my last big short, I’ve grown so much as a filmmaker and met so many talented individuals, it’s time to put it all together, put everything into action!

That’s it, just the two goals this year. No excuse, let’s do this!

Wedding Video!

Here it is! Special thanks to The Brides and the Bees! They rock!


For more of our wedding videos, click here.

Love Stories

I just rewatched Drive (love that film) and realized I should post the table cards Inna and I made for our wedding! Our favorite love stories, a still and a quote; can you identify each film? Enjoy!

1 city lights

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I Got Married!

Hey all! You may have noticed that I haven’t posted here in a while and that’s because I just got married! Yay! Here are some videos about the wedding, one a slideshow about me and my now wife, former girlfriend/fiancee/bride Inna, met, and the second a compilation of our favorite engagement photos. I’ll post more wedding stuff as it comes and will of course get back to my regular postings shortly. Until then, enjoy!

FYI: I made the first slideshow but did not make the second one. Credit on that one (and credits for the individual pictures) goes to Ostrovskiy Photography, http://www.ostrovskiy.com