A Sad Event in Hawthorne

A video was posted online yesterday, in which a police officer shoots the dog of the man he was arresting. The dog of course was simply being a dog, defending his owner, and was shot four times. Accompanying this video are all of your typical responses, defense of police officers and hatred of them too.

I cannot believe how much this incident is bothering me. I really do not understand it (and by it, I mean my response to everything that is going on).

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And now for a little distraction

This has nothing to do with movies, but it is just too cool not to share. Especially for a geek like me. Check it out: http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/1k0CXS/htwins.net/scale2/.

My Geek Side Coming Out

I saw the above picture the other day and I was inspired. It’s Earth, Jupiter, and Venus, as seen from Mars. This photo immediately reminded me of what are, in my opinion, the three (now four) greatest photos of Earth ever taken. They are:

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Movies and Music and Technology and Creativity

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a music aficionado. I know lots about movies, but when it comes to music, well lets just say my knowledge is lacking. I had never heard of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers until they played the 2008 Super Bowl (to be fair, I had heard their music, I just didn’t realize they all came from the same band!), only last year did I discover that Bob Marley was dead, and just yesterday, with Barry Manilow playing at the Hollywood Bowl, did I realize that I had been confusing him and Barry White my whole life.

Despite this, I have one musical entry in this blog, and it is actually one of the posts I’ve received the most positive feedback from. So, in light of that, and because there’s another topic I want to discuss, here’s my second post on music!

NOTE: Even though I am posting on music, I will of course relate it back to film. That is what I do!

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What Speaks to Me

As a warm up for tomorrow’s post (currently germinating in my head), I’ve been inspired to post on a topic I generally don’t post about: music.

Now don’t get me wrong; I love music. But not as much as the next person. I always say that I like movies the way most people like music and I like music the way most people like movies. Actually, that’s what I used to say back when I was studying to be an engineer. Me and movies are much worse now, ever since I plunged off the movie deep end. But I digress…

Most of the music I listen to comes from movies, whether it’s the scores of the great composers (John Williams, Ennio Morricone, Bernard Hermann, Hans Zimmer) or the classical music that is so often employed in cinema (most effectively in Platoon, The King’s Speech, and everything Stanley Kubrick did). I actually listen to classical music when I write; my iTunes is reaching something like 1,000 hours (far short of the magic 10,000 hour mark, but I’m working on it. If you combine writing, directing, and producing, I’m probably at five thousand hours). Even the modern music I enjoy generally comes from movies, whether it’s Paper Planes from Pineapple Express, the entire soundtrack of 500 Days of Summer, or everything Quentin Tarantino and PT Anderson do music-wise.

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