Blue Mornings Available Online!

My short slice-of-life drama Blue Mornings is available to watch online for the first time! Enjoy!

Starring: Caitlin Rose Williams, Ari Frenkel
Director of Photography: Christopher James Tobias
Composer: Jeff Icuss


13 Choices Amateur Filmmakers Make

The sequel to the 12 Choices Amateur Screenwriters Make, here are 13 choices that amateur filmmakers make.

1) All the writing choices I already mentioned (duh!)

2) Stupid camera shit, like:

  • Dolly zooms

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Updated Reel

I updated my reel! Enjoy!

Screen Orientation, Eyeline, and the magic 180 Degree Rule

A couple posts ago, while discussing Requiem for a Dream, I mentioned the 180 degree line. I didn’t explain it, but it is important; it is fundamental in understanding how films work from a directing point of view. Proper, effective use of the 180 degree line (which can involve violating) is one aspect of great directing, while the misuse of the 180 degree line often results in messy, confusing filmmaking. This is because the 180 degree line is used to create screen continuity between cuts.

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