First Kiss

Combine the following into a story: school dance, cab driver, peas, wants their first kiss, romance/chick lit


Jen had been waiting for this for years, watching her sis go out with boys, being so cool. Jen couldn’t wait until she got older, until it was her turn to be cool.

And then, her time had come. Homecoming, her first dance in high school. And she was invited by her favorite boy, cute and funny Evan, who sat across from her in math. She could barely pay attention in that class, always distracted by his eyes, falling into his stare. And how he could make her laugh. She was so excited when he asked her out. Evan’s heaven… she thought to herself, he really is.

The night of the dance, Jen could barely contain herself, so excited for her first true high school experience. And maybe, if she was lucky, her first kiss. That was all she could think about, the dance and her first kiss.

Jen was so excited that she gobbled up dinner, chicken and peas, her favorite, her parents knowing how special this evening would be. After dinner, she went to her room and put on her prettiest dress, the blue one, the one she wore to her aunt’s wedding. Then a touch of makeup and her hair combed straight, one last check in the mirror, and she was ready. She was really nervous about what Evan would think; she wanted him to think she looked great.

When it was time to go, Jen emerged from her bedroom, her parent’s hushed, marveling at her innocence, her beauty.

“Ready to go?” Jen’s sister, Beth, asked; Beth, who wasn’t going to the dance, too cool for homecoming. She had a boyfriend and their first kiss was over two years ago; now they prefer more intimate settings, not high school dances.

“Yep, all ready,” Jen said as she twirled around, enjoying her dress and how it fluttered with her rotation.

“Great. We shouldn’t keep Evan waiting. Boys hate that.”

In the car, Beth drove Jen to their high school auditorium, the location of the dance. And the entire drive Jen thought about Evan: his eyes, his smile, his lips on her lips; Evan’s heaven… the words rang in her head.

After what felt like both the shortest and longest ride in history, Beth and Jen arrive to find Evan waiting outside the auditorium, holding roses and dressed in a beautiful rented suit. Jen thought he looked so cute; she cold barely contain her excitement, wanting to run to and kiss him immediately.

“I know you’re excited,” Beth says, “but you have to control yourself, otherwise you’ll seem easy. Guys don’t like that.”

Jen nods, calms herself. She never even thought about being too excited, and she definitely doesn’t want to seem easy. This is exactly what big sisters are for: to give you advice, to help make your first boy experiences amazing.

“When you get out,” Beth continues, “don’t walk too fast. Just wave to him, let him come to you. Let him do everything tonight, it’ll make him feel like a man. Guys like that.”

Jen nods, listening to Beth’s advice, absorbing it all in. Beth continues. “And when he kisses you, something that could take him all night to do, pretend it is amazing, no matter how bad it is.”

“It’ll be bad?” Jen responds, disappointed if that is the case, for it’s not what she expected.

Beth shakes her head. “Boys are terrible kissers until they learn better. Just hope he’s not a slobberer, or that he doesn’t stick his tongue down your throat. But even if he does, tell him it was great. Boys hate hearing they’re bad kissers, and you can teach him on your next date.”

“Okay,” Jen says, understanding Beth’s advice but hoping she won’t have to take it.

“Great! Then get out there, he’s been waiting long enough.”

Jen smiles, thanking Beth for the advice, for the ride, for being a great sister. She then exits the car, excited to for the wonderful time she’s about to have.

“Remember,” Beth says, before Jen can close the door, “don’t walk too fast. And I’ll see you at ten.”

Jen nods, then closes the car door and continues on her journey. Is this a good pace, she wonders to herself. Am I walking too fast? It is at this point that Evan sees her, and when he smiles, her insides melt, dissipating all the nerves that may have been building. He really is heavenly, Jen thinks once again.

Jen waves, just like Beth instructed. And like on cue, Evan waves back, then walks to her, reaching her with seemingly no time passing. “Hi,” he says.

“Hi,” Jen says back.

“You look…” and Jen can tell he’s nervous, just as nervous as she is. “I got you these flowers,” he says, offering them to her.

“Thanks,” Jen says as she accepts Evan’s gift, trying to show him that she appreciates it immensely. “I really like them.”

And with that, they head into the auditorium, Jen feeling great, being with Evan at her first high school dance. If only he wasn’t so nervous, he’s so cute and she likes him so much. He’s a gentleman, a great person, her best guy friend; Jen likes him so much that whatever he does, she knows she’ll love it. And right now, she really wishes he would hold her hand.

Inside, the dance is in full swing, the dance floor filled with students, dancing together. They’re such good dancers, Jen thinks to herself, and she has no idea how to dance. Beth didn’t give her any advice on this.

But none of that matters when Evan asks her to the dance floor; Jen may be timid but she’s been waiting for this for years! She puts down her flowers and of course says yes.

On the dance floor, Jen and Evan remain nervous, each keeping distance as they dance together. Definitely more distance than some other students, but Jen doesn’t mind, for this is her first dance, and it’s Evan’s first too; she doesn’t want to intimidate him, or him intimidate her.

And that’s pretty much how the night went. Jen and Evan dancing together, sometimes slower, sometimes faster. Jen loved the slow dances, when she could nuzzle in close and Evan would hold her. She loved how strong he was, how he smelled so good and how she felt safe in his arms. Evan’s heaven… when he held her, the entire world was perfect.

If only he would kiss her. She wanted it so bad, she could feel it, all throughout her body. This night so wonderful, everything going great. But why won’t he kiss her?¬†They’re having a great time, dancing and snuggling and holding each other; why is he so nervous? Why won’t he kiss her?

Ten o’clock comes before they can believe, bringing the dance to an end, and still no kissing. And now’s the perfect time, Jen thinks to herself, the perfect way to end their perfect first date. Why won’t he do it? It was all she wanted: her first kiss. She’d even let him stick his entire tongue down her throat; that didn’t matter to her, she just wanted her first kiss.

As they exit the auditorium, Jen spots Beth’s car, Beth inside, waiting for her. Evan walks Jen over, holding her hand and keeping her safe, but still no kissing. Beth sees them coming and smiles at them; Jen smiles back, a happy smile but not a perfect one, for her first kiss is still missing.

They reach the car and say their goodbyes, and as they do so Evan closes up, his nerves taking over, knowing he should kiss her but unable to do so. But before he can leave, a voice rings out. “Did you kiss her yet?” It’s Beth: reading the situation, knowing they want to but lacking the courage to make it happen.

Evan goes flush, put on the spot, not knowing what to say or do. He looks to Jen, but she does nothing but look back, hopeful and excited, waiting in anticipation.

“Just do it already. Here, I won’t watch,” Beth continues, after which she turns away, giving them privacy.

Privacy, and quiet, darkness on this perfect night. Jen stands open and waiting, so excited for their kiss that she can barely stand it. And then, after what seems like forever, Evan finally leans in and kisses her lips.

Jen kisses back, closing her eyes and enjoying the moment. A moment that is everything she imagined, everything she hoped it would be. A moment filled with tingling inside and shivers down her body, shivers that cause her to go weak in the knees, her barely able to stand, it getting better and better as they continue kissing.

Finally, after who knows how long (seconds? Hours? Whatever it was, it was the perfect time), their kiss comes to an end, them breaking apart, opening their eyes and smiling together. Each one is in heaven, the moment better than either could imagine. And it is here that Jen finally takes the lead, saying goodbye to Evan, him giving her a night way better than imagined.

“Bye,” Evan responds, and Jen is so giddy, she’s on the verge of giggling as she gets in Beth’s car, thinking of nothing but she can’t wait to kiss Evan again.

Once inside, Evan runs to another car, his parents inside, waiting for him. And then, with him finally out of earshot, Jen lets it all out, giggling and smiling and oh so happy.¬†Evan is such a good kisser, she thinks to herself; no tongue, no slobber; it’s like he’s been kissing forever.

Beth pulls out of the parking lot, not even needing to ask how Jen’s night went. For she can see it in her eyes, and also her laugh, her smile, her everything. It all makes Beth happy too, remembering her first kiss and how it made her feel. It takes Beth back, way back, so much so that she lets her car drift, out of her lane and towards a cab next to her. The cab driver honks, bringing Beth back to reality, him cursing and screaming, yelling at her to pay attention. Which she does, coming back to reality and going back to driving safely. But none of this affects Jen, for her night was perfect and nothing can ruin it.