Exotic Beach Vacations Are The Best!


What’s going on? She’s eying every guy here. Not just eying, eye-fucking. Her term, not mine. What is this shit? Is this why she wanted this, is this why she wanted to come here? To fuck the guys and their chiseled abs and beach body tans? Next time we’re going to Canada, or the south: nothing but boring and fat men there. Then she’ll be mine, none of this check-out-the-hot-Latin-guy bullshit. Oh, look at that. A bikini. Two can play at this game. Wow, look, look what I’ve been missing. They’re everywhere. It’s almost nakedtown here, hourglass girls, exotic beauties, sizzling in the sun. Yes, two can play at this game. Damn, I’m feeling good now, really good. My girl is too, seems to be. I lean in: “Hotel room?” “Yes,” she says without a moment’s hesitation. Wow, jumping out of our seats, rushing to our room, we haven’t felt this way in a long time. Feeling each other, all over each other, we haven’t felt this way in a long time. And it feels great. She feels great. Lets do this all the time. Exotic beach vacations, all the time.

Fat Beached Whale

Write one sentence. Then write another without violating the first one. Continue until complete.


Paradise. Not really. Just a hotel. But those were her choices. Vacation, or a hotel. You can’t have both. Not for the paltry salary he makes. That bum, makes no money. And so they vacation, in the city they live in, a hotel on the beach, the beach they’ve been to a hundred times. But now it’s different, the other side of the fence. She lies at the pool, closes her eyes, imagines: a different life, a better one, Hawaii, no Fiji, and a guy, a guy who knows how to treat a lady, who makes big bucks and drives nice cars, who buys diamonds and houses and even people if he wanted to. A guy who can fuck, who knows what a girl likes, who can move and caress and hold and soothe. Who can fuck your fucking brains out. But most of all, who can do it without getting you pregnant. That’s the dream guy, no pregnancy. But instead, she’s a whale, lying by the pool on a vacation in the city she lives in. Everyone so happy for the fat beached whale, the fat beached whale who’s husband can’t afford a vacation, can’t afford a ring, can’t afford freaking anything except this stupid hotel in this stupid city in their stupid lives where she’ll never be free.