Sports Films and the Art of Structure

Hi guys, and welcome to part 2 of my discussion of the interesting films of 2011. Since my first topic was on chickflicks, lets do a 180 and look a manly subject: sports.

Last year had a couple interesting sports movies. Most notable was Moneyball, the character study of a baseball manager trying to succeed by ignoring 100 years of conventional wisdom. The other notable film was Warrior, a UFC film about two amateur fighters, brothers from a troubled family, that meet in the championship of a big tournament.

First things first, since we’re dealing with sports, to know whether they succeed we must ask: do the films transcend the sport? Great sports movies are never about the sport; they are about something larger. Raging Bull isn’t about boxing, it’s about self-hatred and paranoia leading to destruction; Field of Dreams isn’t about baseball, it’s about having the courage to follow your dreams; Hoosiers isn’t about basketball, it’s about second chances and working for redemption.

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